Welcome to our blog.  Neither of us professes to be any sort of an expert in the area of gut sensitivities … other than both suffering from one! … but we have come to realise we all have some things in common that we might be able to share.

Anyone who has a food sensitivity will know how frustrating it can be to find recipes that someone else has tried, and you know will work.  There are fabulous cookbooks ‘out there’, but we’ve both found that not all the recipes (especially those using gluten free flours) actually turn out the way they look in the pictures.  ALL recipes that make it onto this blog have been made in one of our kitchens, devoured by our families and given our tick of approval.  The recipes here will be either gluten free, fructan free, suitable for IBS … or a mixture of these.

One of us will have eaten the food and not reacted … but that doesn’t mean you won’t.  Intolerances are personal little beasties … so try a little to see how it affects you.

If you have a recipe you’d love to share, contact one of us, we’ll try it and put it up if it passes our ‘family test’.  🙂

We’ve also found it difficult to source products, or find a restaurant to go to that has gluten free choices … so we’ll put links to products, lists, blogs, information … anything we find that might be of help.  We won’t have tried them all … but they will be somewhere to ‘have a look’.  Again – these won’t suit everyone … especially seeing Angela is in Australia and Dee is in the USA, but we’re happy to add other links if others can recommend them.

We hope you enjoy our favourite foods … we do!

A xo

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