Imagine … luscious vegetables with naughty chocolate icing … yum!

Imagine biting into …
… a cupcake that is as light as a feather … a lusciously rich chocolate brownie …
… sticky oozy lemon and lavender drizzle cake … steamed golden syrup sponge pudding …

Imagine if …
… they were gluten free and GOOD for you …
… and were filled with vegetables …

Yes, that’s right … VEGETABLES!  My friend Kel recently told me about a cookbook that has changed the way I think about cakes.  Harry Eastwood’s book Red Velvet & Chocolate Heartache is filled with (mainly) Gluten Free baked goodies that use finely grated vegetables (for moisture and fluffiness) and ground almonds (for fat and texture) to replace butter … less fat, less sugar … more fibre.  It promised to make my baking life easier – so off I trotted to get a copy.

It’s not you’re usual sort of cookbook … each vegetable and cake has it’s own personality … and they’re written about as if they’re old friends … and the photos are just delightful – as are the cakes.  The ones I’ve tried so far have been amazing.  I’ll share my favourites – as I discover them!

A xo

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