Why Windy Quilters?

You may well ask why we’ve called this blog Windy Quilters.  The name is significant on many levels …

  • We were blown together, from opposite sides of the planet, by the puff of breeze left by the wings of a little blue Twitter bird.  Both of us were circling the nest of Tweep Scrapiana, when we were caught in her downdraught … and there we’ve stayed.
  • We both love to talk … Angela has certainly been told that she’s full of hot air … and talk we do … our thoughts and ideas blow around the globe!
  • Both of us are quilters … Dee does LOTS more creative crafting than quilting alone … but it’s the quilting that brought us together.
  • Both of us has … er … ummm … there’s not really a polite way of putting it … we both have issues with … WIND.  Angela is Fructan intolerant and Dee suffers from the joys of IBS … when either of us eat food that doesn’t agree with our system … well … you can figure out what happens!

A xo


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